Sari Savela Photography offers photography services for individuals, businesses, and communities.


A Photograph immortalizes memories. Life’s highlights and celebrations should be captured as high-quality memories that will grow in value over the years.

Christening, graduation, portrait, family portrait, etc.


The price includes the planning of the photo shoot session and the shooting time (approx. 1 hour). The price includes about 20 images out of which you can choose your favourites and three edited jpg image files.

The photo shoot can be done either in a milieu or in a studio.


Impressive and unique images help you enhance your company’s image and stand out from the crowd. Company photos include both staff photos and images of your company’s activities, products or services for online, social media or other marketing channels – according to your needs and wishes.

A good photo requires an eye for vision and the technical skill to execute. I offer my skills for your benefit. And all with reliability, creativity, and an excellent touch.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s create the atmosphere and impact together.

1. Personnel photos

The personnel gives your company or community its’ face.

It is important that photos of the staff are bright and representative. Mobile phone photos are rarely so.

A day on the road – easy and cost-effective for the client (either office or studio)

1-10 people, 2 images per person, start-up fee 150 € + 50 €/person (incl. shooting and processing) + VAT.

over 10 people, 2 photos per person, start-up fee 150 € + 40 €/person + VAT.

Group photo 400 € + VAT.

2. Presentation of a company

Presentation of a business includes a description of the company’s activities, products, premises and the brand image. 1st hour 225 €/h + VAT, subsequent hours 190 €/h (incl. description and processing) + VAT.

3. Sari for a day – photography package

Full day (approx. 6 h) 990 € + VAT.

Package includes approx. 100-200 photos. The client can choose what and who to photograph.

Free use of the photos, excluding resale of the photos.